Public Relations

Communication: a two-way street.

Crafting and delivering a resonant message depends on taking the time to listen to and understand your target audience. By strategically analyzing the factors that influence public attitudes, Cosgrove Public Affairs will help you develop policies and campaigns that educate, influence and mobilize the people you need most to realize your objectives.

Solid relationships lie at the heart of opinion management. Cosgrove Public Affairs’ relationship network includes allies at all levels of the government, business, media and local communities. We have long-standing ties in Vermont that foster the creation of strategic alliances and coalitions to harness the strength that partnerships can bring.

Whether your goals lie in the public, private or non-profit sector, we seek to provide face-to-face, media and other educational opportunities to garner support for your objectives. Most importantly, we
seek out feedback from the people you are trying to reach and adapt accordingly to make sure that your campaign is coming through loud and clear.


Brendan Cosgrove and Cosgrove Public Affairs have worked diligently for over a decade to provide image building and outreach services to political candidates, corporations, state agencies and non-profit
groups. We provide comprehensive, results-oriented campaigns designed to strengthen out clients’ missions both internally and with the public, through the use of media, events and education. We
help our clients gain access to key leaders in the community and build coalitions and partnerships that propel our clients’ goals in government, business and public affairs.


Image Building: Media Relations, Policy Development, Corporate Communications, Crisis Management, Strategic Partnerships and Coalitions, Endorsements, Grassroots Support.

Event planning: Seminars and Forums, Fundraising Events, Focus Groups, Benefits, Press Conferences, Community Events.

Government Relations: Direct and Indirect Advocacy Services, Testimony Preparation, Debate Preparation.