Brendan Cosgrove, Principal at Cosgrove Public Affairs, has a Vermont government and public relations career that spans more than a decade. He earned his functional knowledge of the region’s political and economic climate from the ground up, through prominent government and public relations positions in the corporate, public and non-profit sectors (most notably as the Director of Policy and Regulatory Management for the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.)

Cosgrove is uniquely positioned as one of Vermont’s leading advisers and strategists. In his years of service, across a diverse set of industries, he has groomed and maintained critical allegiances with current business, government, community and media leaders. With the sustainability of his clients’ interests in mind, he monitors developing trends and seeks out emerging partnerships that will add value in tomorrow’s landscape.

Our mission: the right strategy for you.

Cosgrove Public Affairs commits to fortify you, our client, with up-to-the-minute intelligence, a broad network of allies and on point strategies to accomplish your goals in government, business and public affairs.

Our areas of expertise are extensive: environmental regulation, energy, telecommunications, economic development, healthcare and transportation. Our methods are proven: research and development, regulatory management, direct and grassroots lobbying, coalition building, proactive relationship management, media and public awareness campaigns, policy development, and risk assessment.

We provide cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to convert challenge into opportunity.

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