Government Relations

Guiding your success.

Our advocacy services are designed to navigate you through the complex federal, state and local government and regulatory environments to make sure that your needs are heard, your choices are informed and obstacles to your success are assessed and removed.

Our government relations services are three-fold: we monitor the legislative and regulatory bodies to keep current and agile on the issues that affect your organization, we communicate your message to the key policymakers who can help meet your needs and we actively negotiate until a positive outcome is reached.

Cosgrove Public Affairs works diligently with our clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors to secure government funding, contracts, permits and to shape legislation and regulations in many areas including energy, land use, environmental protection, real estate development, engineering, heath care, transportation and telecommunications.


Cosgrove Public Affairs maintains strong working relationships with individuals and entities in all levels of local and state government which allow us to provide an extensive, valuable and effective
network for our clients.

As the former Director of Policy and Regulatory Management for Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources, Brendan Cosgrove developed and implemented key policy proposals to advance the issues most important to the Agency and assisted in securing the Agency’s $84,000,000 budget.

Having worked as a government official and as a registered lobbyist, Cosgrove understands first-hand how the State of Vermont develops legislative and regulatory policy and how to work within the
system for business and organizational success.


Executive, Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy and Relations, Procurement and Government Marketing, Appropriations and Funding, Permitting, Relationship Management, Testimony, Preparation, Committee Monitoring, Policy Research and Analysis.

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